Monday, August 13, 2007

This is my first family blog entry! I thought it would be a great way to journal the events that happen in my family because I'm a horrible journal writer and something needs to change because I think documenting your family fun is wonderful!!! (nice run-on sentance I know)

Well this past weekend was my Dad's birthday and so my parents both came up this weekend to celebrate. Shaylar and I treated them to Charlie Clarks Steak House (I'm still recovering over that huge dinner) and Shaylar forgot his wallet! It was hillarious so Mom paid and of course we paid them back. We are finally at a point in our lives where we could take them out to dinner and we forgot our wallet and purse!!! The next day we went to ride the ski lift at Sunrise after church on Sunday. It was a beautiful day with bouts of rain. We all rode up to the top and then Shaylar, Papa, and Taylor decided to walk down so Mom, Easton, Paige and myself rode the lift back down. It was so cold and luckily I found the kids smimming towels in the truck so we wrapped ourselves up and decided to ride the lift again. Not more than 30 seconds into the ride it started to rain!! There was thunder in the distance and I thought we shouldn't get off at the top but head back down and get out of the rain (I found out later that they wouldn't of let us off anyway). All of a sudden this massive lightening and thunderstorm formed right over us!! The lightening caused a power surge and stopped the lift. So here I was dangling from a 'steal cage' with my two kids and Mom right smack in the middle of the storm. Lets just put it this way, I didn't know lightening made a sound before it strikes. The lightening was so close that one hit a tree (according to Shaylar) and the thunder was deafening. Mom and I started singing every primary song we could think of and pretended to be fine while we said 'ready? ready? Boom! trying to make light of the storm all the while praying we wouldn't get struck! I know Easton and Paige were terrified but they never cried just wimpered every once in awhile saying they wanted to go home. The lift would start up again and then stop after going about 4 feet which would cause us to swing! When lightening struck the top of the bolt was above us and the bottom was below us! We were sitting close together holding the towels over ourselves trying to stay dry (helped a ton but we still got wet). After a few false starts we finally made it to the bottom and gathered in the first aid station with another family! Everyone was saying how terrified they were, and how we were all praying and what a frightening experience it was!!! Shaylar, Taylor and Papa finally walked out of the woods soaked to the bone about 15 minutes after we got down. They found cover in a small shack; luckily the door was open and they waited until they felt it was safe and then proceded down the mountain. Shaylar was holding Taylor (who was very scared) and I started to cry when I saw them. Mom said she welded up when we finally got off the lift from relief and gratitude. We were all safe and on the way home we said a prayer of thanksgiving for keeping us all safe. This picture was taken right before this all happened. I don't think I've ever been that close to actually thinking I could die. Happy Birthday Dad!! Well we came home had a yummy birthday dinner with cake and icecream safe and sound.

Taylor has joined a peewee cheerleading squad which has really boosted her self esteem, started second grade, and starts piano lessons this Friday-hurray! Paige started preschool and she loves it. She is so ready for school. The first day she walked in, hung up her backpack and walked out to the backyard without even glancing at me! I had to ask her for a goodbye hug! Easton is growing and talking clearer everyday. He is such a sweet, kind little boy! All is well here on the Hatch Home Front. Talk to you soon.