Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brinley's Blessing

My two beautiful girls in white!! Shaylar once again gave a beautiful babies blessing. Like I said we had a big important weekend!! During the blessing my Dad who was in the circle said that he couldn't help but peek and Brinley was smiling ear to ear!! I love that girl. Shaylar also said that when he said amen and opened his eyes she was staring right at him and smiling! Can it get any better than that?

Everyone who attended. I sure wish that the rest of the family could of been with us to celebrate this wonderful weekend. Miss you guys!

Taylor's Baptism

Taylor at four years old
'This is my day,
My Baptism day,
Jesus wasy Baptized
The very same way.'
I just can't believe my sweet Taylor is old enough to be baptized! It was a wonderful morning that I will remember forever. Everyone that participated did a great job. I only hope I can do my part now and continue to teach her about the atonement, repentance, and The Holy Ghost. I'm so proud of her.
Taylor wrote her own baptism program. I loved this because its so personal. Those of you who really know her know that writing her own program was the greatest thing to her!! Taylor is the greatest kid!!

Daddy and Taylor. This picture means so much to me.All the family that was here to attend her baptism. Thanks for coming everyone!!!

She has the sweetest spirit about her. She told me that morning that she was so excited to get baptized.Well I almost had Brinley smiling can't you tell? ha ha

Happy Forth of July!!!

I didn't get any pictures cause I forgot my camera but we did go to the Show Low parade. We would of had to park pretty far and walk but we took the truck so yep we took it off road and parked right behind a business on the parade street! It was awesome. We sat with the Jones family and they had two bins full of water balloons which we threw at the people in the parade. It was hillarious -for all you softies who think that is mean, the people in the parade were begging us to throw them at them cause it was so hot! The boys accidently threw a few too hard and it splashed the family sitting directly accross from us and the old man got so mad he came over, cussed at us, called the motorcycle cop over (who looked at him like he was an idiot) and demanded we get dump out the rest of the water balloons. Can you believe that!!! Stupid man. Anyway we just dumped the water out of the tubs and continued to toss balloons gently.
My parents and great grandma Payne came up for the big weekend. We started it off with a BBQ at Grandma and Papa Hatch's house. They live in a flatter area and its easier for my kids to ride their bikes. We brought 'bumble bee' (transformers) and took turns riding it around. Fun time! (20 miles per hour!

Watching fireworks!!! oooooooh, aaaahhhhhhhh

Monday, July 7, 2008

I turned the corner and Easton had pulled everything out of the game and linen closet! What you can't see is that most of the games and open and scattered everywhere under the blankets and towels!! He said he wanted the game Buckaroo which of course was on the top. He was such a good boy to help me clean it up.
YES! Buckaroo rocks!!
I call her my budda sometimes cause I rub her tummy for good luck!
I bought the kids a blow up pool and put it on the back porch with their little red slide-hours of fun!! Yes it does get kind of hot up here.
The other day Paige asked why Dad had to work and I told her so he can make money so we have a house to live in and a car to drive, food to eat..etc. They looked at me for awhile and then Taylor said she wanted to make a surprise party for Dad to tell him how much we appreciate his working so hard. They all made a poster and wrapped homemade gifts for him. It really was one of the sweetest things they have done on their own.