Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I swear this picture was taken May 22, 2008!!! Isn't this crazy? Two days earlier on tuesday I think the high was 90 and then thursday it was 38! It continued to snow mostly through the night and we woke up to about 3-4 inches and when I took Taylor to school the cars that were coming from Pine Top had at least 6 inches on top of their cars!!!! It was so beautiful I almost put up my Christmas decorations - he he. It melted really fast and didn't stick to the roads thank goodness.
Our good friends the Haslams came to visit us this past memorial day weekend and we sure played! These are just some of the pictures I took and I'll post more later when I get Leanne's pictures. She has an amazing camera.
Charlie Clarks Steak House.........yummy.
My kids decided one morning that it would be soooo funny to stuff themselves with pull-ups, socks, and pajamans!
What nuts!!!
This was Sunday morning right before church and Easton insisted on wearing his Harley Davidson leather vest. Well you bet he wore it to church!! Once we got to Sacrament meeting he took it off- gosh darn he was so cute.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!! My only boy is 3!!! Easton had such a fun day. His cousin Savannah, Kelly and Fransisco were there along with my parents. Grandma and Grandpa Hatch left early that morning and Easton opened their presents then.
Easton is the sweetest boy ever. He is always concerned about his sisters and when something fun is about to happen he always looks around to make sure his sisters are there with him and if they aren't he won't do anything until they are there. He loves his family and loves Dudley. Man that dog takes alot! I caught him yesterday holding Dudley's back legs and walking him around his room! He loves playing outside and every evening he turns the bathwater light brown. He has the most amazing blue eyes and when he is done going to the bathroom I hear 'mom all done!' Every night I sing 'Twinkle twinkle little star' and at the end of every phrase he squeeks really high. I have no idea why he does it but I treasure it. Every Sunday he doesn't want to go to church and lately he cries in Nursery but when the meetings are all over he runs to me and says 'that was so fun mom!!!' Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!

Oh my gosh did my dad get him the cutest present! Yep you got it its a real leather Harley Davidson vest just like Papas!! Easton thought it was pretty awesome. He wore it all day and everyday since. He doesn't have it on right now because its raining outside and I don't want it wet. Oh, and it must be buttoned up.
Can you read the shirt? Hilarious! Thats what Grandmas are for!
Kids just love pinatas! All the kids had a turn. Taylor was last and she broke it open. Easton was so upset that he didn't get to hit it again Shaylar quickly grabbed some candy and shoved it into the left over head and Easton went to town. Quick thinking Dad!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM AND MARSHA!! I would post a picture of my mom and me eating our breakfast that Shaylar made (unbelieveable omletes) except we both look like a desil truck ran us over. Ha not joking..... Shaylar and the kids made breakfast in bed for us and my mom said that Paige spilled the orange juice on the bed and that was her favorite part. Got to love that Paigey! Man, I really have the best mom in the whole world. It was a wonderful Mother's Day. Thanks honey and kids!
This past week we had the privalege of having all of the Hatch's visit except for Aubrey. We hung out, played games, argued, laughed, went out to eat and celebrated Easton's 3rd birthday. It reallt was so much fun. Fransisco and Kelly kept telling me they were sorry they were there for so long and I just wanted to tell them to shut-up!!! I love having family visit and all the stuff that comes with it. It was really good to see Kelly and Fransicso and their two sweet girls Savannah and Lexy (did I spell that right guys?) Lexy is one month older than Brinley.

We went out to eat at Waldo's Bbq which has the best food but the crapiest service ever!!! We have been burned there about three times now and vow to never go back. They are really screwing up a good thing. It was fun visiting....'that was rude!!' ha ha ha and 'sir are you alright?'
We took everyone on the 'Rim Walk' which in rediculously close to our house and finally got a Hatch family picture. The Rim really is absolutley beautiful!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh my gosh once AGAIN Easton came up to me complaining that his nose hurt. I tilted his head up and saw a blue 'something' up his nose! Last time it was a small screw and this time it was a blue light bright peg! He is such a boy!!! I got it out with my tweezers.

This is Shaylar before I introduced him to a pair of sissors! His hair was so long and no he did not wear it this way to workor everyday! He really has the thickest most shiny hair.

And this is him after!! What a difference-I love it-he even went crazy and put in some highlights which I thought was fun.

Last weekend we went to the valley for Bruce Haslam's surprise 60th birthday party. He looks great and it was so much fun to see everyone! The kids played outside on the blowup waterslide and some went swimming. They were so cold but determined to play!! Bruce and Susan Haslam have been dear friends of my parents for about 23 years. I grew up with their kids and we went on lots of vacations together. I consider them family. Happy Birthday Bruce!!!!

Easton would not take his floaties or his mask off. It was hilarious watching him slide down the waterslide!

My sweet family braving the water. You won't be catching me in a swimsuit for awhile--ha ha ha (give me a break Brinley is only one month old! :)) Plus I only enjoy swimming when I can get out of the water and it is so hot outside that I'm not cold.

On our way back to Show Low we stopped at the top of the rim to look at the view and take a picture. It really is so beautiful. We even got Dudley in the picture!

Now Mom don't freak out; it wasn't a 500ft drop just a 200ft drop. HA! J/K It was the prettiest potty break we ever took....the rest room was closed.....