Friday, August 14, 2009

I started a new blog!!!! Hatch-Hathcock Bunch at I plan on going private so let me know if you want to be a part of my new life!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

My trip to Utah with Allen

I went on a trip to Utah with my best friend Allen to visit family and friends. This is us getting the rental car-we were already having such a good time and we just landed!!!

We visited the historic 'This is the Place' Monument

We stayed with his sister Melanie in SLC. We all ate lunch together at Jason's Deli. That cute girl is her daughter-Ashley.

We walked around temple square and watched the Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Theater. Wow was that a spiritual experience! Its a must if you havn't seen that movie. Sooo wonderful. Joseph and Emma Smith are unbelieveable people. Talk about a testimony builder-good stuff.

One hot man..........

That night Allen's sisters Melanie and Camille took us to a college joint called 'The Pie' We ordered so much food it was rediculous. I was a little upset cause I thought the pizza was too small.......

The next day we went to visit his friend Steve and his cute family. Allen and Steve were best friends in high school so they had a great time catching up. I love these two pictures...FRAMENATION!!!!!!!

There is nothing better than hanging out with good friends. AHHHH we had so much fun!

Allen and I took my brother-in-law Shane's motorcycle up to Sundance ski resort for a bite to eat (which was super gross!!!!!! lol)This was probably my favorite day cause we just hung out together, went to the movies, and enjoyed the wind in our hair. Oh yeah, and holding onto a handsome man on the back of a motorcycle had something to do with it!!!! he he

Sundance-good thing the view was better than the food :)

We had such a great time together visiting our families. I decided that its absolutely neccessary to take a break from life and go on vacation once in awhile to refresh and recharge yourself. Thank you everyone; we love and miss you so much!!Sharoo!!!
'If youre happy and you know it shout hooray!!!'

Has anyone seen the tape?

Just got done making Valentines Day cookies. Yum

Unloading the dishwasher with grandma
My dad, Keith, Charayye and I went to the Cyotes hockey game. It was soo fun!

I was really glad they had cheerleaders there.....ummm I was laughing so hard when I realized thats what they were. The jumbo tron would occationally show them cheering. I think there was maybe three of them all stuck together in that little space. GIVE ME A FREAKIN BREAK...PATHETIC!!!!!! HAHA

Almost caught up!!!

Paige finally got the courage to get on her bike and only after running with her two times she took off on her own and did amazing!!! Alright Paigey!!!!!

Easton's training wheels on his bike were bent up so bad they weren't functional but Easton refused to let us take them off (security thing). We finally convinced him and off he went with those little legs pedaling as fast as he can!

I LOVE this picture!!!!! Papa, grandkids, and his Harley.
I went to an Old Western town (forget what its called) with Keith and Charayye. We walked around, spent money on gross food, bought gross prickly pear flavored suckers, got put in jail, rode the train, and pretended to ride in a run away wagon HAHAHAHA

Too cute and little!!!

My best friend Allen
We stayed at my sister's husbands parents house for the week cause they just had the twins. Which was wonderful cause if my entire family came to stay with me after I just had a baby I would shoot someone! lol Thank you Bradys!!!!! While there it snowed and so of course we just had to make a snowman. The kids and I also shoveled the snow off Shanes driveway for service. The kids loved it!! They were using everything they could find to help including a broom, dust pan, bowls and their feet.

I just had to post this pic cause it means so much to me. I cross stitched this piece about 11 years ago and miss placed it. I was devistated. My mom found it in her closet and framed it for me. What a surprise!!!!!!!! I cried.

These pictures were taken at the Goff family Christmas party up in Ogden, Ut. We had a good time-can you tell? :) We all had a yummy dinner then headed downstairs for games and a talent show. Our family sang some christmas songs with a desert spin on them..."Palm trees sway, are you listening"...Good times

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm going to take a break from posting pictures and let my thoughts flow......what I went through last year was awful and I don't wish it on anyone, however, I'm so much happier for it. Let me explain: my marriage had its ups and down like everyone elses. Marriage is hard. Everyone who is married knows that and the grass is never greener on the otherside...except for some circumstances. I feel I fall in that special group. My marriage was really hard...I don't know what I should say, how much of it I should post but I do know I tried everything in my power to make it work. When you give and give and give there comes a point when you break. I'm not saying it was all his fault at all. I wasn't perfect and I own what i did wrong. Sometimes two people are so different they clash. We both wanted different things in our life. He made some choices that i couldn't control and the decision was made and we got a divorce. Yes, I went through the gammet of emotions that a person should go through when a tramatic event occurs in their life however when you have the gospel and incredible support; it makes it easier. Plus meeting new people, having and making wonderful friends helps ALOT. I'M HAPPY and I owe it to someone special who understands and loves me. you know who you are :) to be cont......

Better Late Than Never

NOT DONE UPDATING........!!!!!!

Ok I'm pretty upset at myself for not 'journaling' my feels over the past 3 months cause soooooo much has happened in my life. I'm going to just post the highlights and then try and keep up with this blogging business. I have to admit I did have an affair with facebook LOL. Overall I'm happy with the changes that took place last year. It actually all started one year ago. It is what it is and there is nothing to do but move foreward in faith. Something I'm still learning how to do. ...I've never been happier.

This fun picture was taken at the Tinsley family christmas party. I love you guys!!!!

I just had to post this next series of pictures cause my cousin Shanna and I had so much fun doing it. You see we sometimes get into this nasty habit of biting the skin on our inner lips. Yeah I know super gross, HOWEVER, we decided we would flick each other on the nose if we caught the other one doing it. Then we got silly and thought spoons would be a wonderful 'blockage' from the 'snack on the inside of our mouth'. no one will get it but us and that is what makes this awesome.

The lightrail finally opened up and my dad took the family on a free ride for city mployees to downtown Phoenix where we had lunch and then walked around. We even went to the 'Tamale Festivel' Arriba, arriba!!! The kids really enjoyed it.

We had a family get together with my cousin Ryan Tinsley and his cute family. Know what the best part about the family picture is? Its not infront of anyone of our houses!!! They live nest to the Griswalds I swear. This pictures doesnt do it justice at all, the house was seriously decorated with EVERYTHING. They were not home so we all ran over there for the picture and in the middle of taking it they pulled up and we had to move all the kids bike off their driveway so they could park. It was soooo funny seeing their faces as they pulled up. hahaha I love my family/

Having fun with my kids and Aunt Charayye. I love 'Sharoo' and I'm so happy Keith married that fun girl. They are expecting their first boy in May!!!

The Crocker Family Christmas party this past year was one of my favorites. We all sat in a circle and updated everyone with what was happening in our lives. It was good cause we don't get together too often and it was nice to hear what everyone is up too. Of course everyone knew my updates!!!! Oh well I guess I get the most drama award for last year. Even though the Crockers don't get together too often everyone is super supportive of each other. I really appreciated it while I was going through the divorce. I love you guys!!

Ashton and Lyndsay are finally here!! I'm going to refer you over to Truly and Shane's blog for all the details. No one can express themselves better than my sister. We drove up to Utah to spend Christmas and we were able to visit them in the hospital and help them take those precious angels home! click on their link for 'the rest of the story' :)