Monday, April 6, 2009

Better Late Than Never

NOT DONE UPDATING........!!!!!!

Ok I'm pretty upset at myself for not 'journaling' my feels over the past 3 months cause soooooo much has happened in my life. I'm going to just post the highlights and then try and keep up with this blogging business. I have to admit I did have an affair with facebook LOL. Overall I'm happy with the changes that took place last year. It actually all started one year ago. It is what it is and there is nothing to do but move foreward in faith. Something I'm still learning how to do. ...I've never been happier.

This fun picture was taken at the Tinsley family christmas party. I love you guys!!!!

I just had to post this next series of pictures cause my cousin Shanna and I had so much fun doing it. You see we sometimes get into this nasty habit of biting the skin on our inner lips. Yeah I know super gross, HOWEVER, we decided we would flick each other on the nose if we caught the other one doing it. Then we got silly and thought spoons would be a wonderful 'blockage' from the 'snack on the inside of our mouth'. no one will get it but us and that is what makes this awesome.

The lightrail finally opened up and my dad took the family on a free ride for city mployees to downtown Phoenix where we had lunch and then walked around. We even went to the 'Tamale Festivel' Arriba, arriba!!! The kids really enjoyed it.

We had a family get together with my cousin Ryan Tinsley and his cute family. Know what the best part about the family picture is? Its not infront of anyone of our houses!!! They live nest to the Griswalds I swear. This pictures doesnt do it justice at all, the house was seriously decorated with EVERYTHING. They were not home so we all ran over there for the picture and in the middle of taking it they pulled up and we had to move all the kids bike off their driveway so they could park. It was soooo funny seeing their faces as they pulled up. hahaha I love my family/

Having fun with my kids and Aunt Charayye. I love 'Sharoo' and I'm so happy Keith married that fun girl. They are expecting their first boy in May!!!

The Crocker Family Christmas party this past year was one of my favorites. We all sat in a circle and updated everyone with what was happening in our lives. It was good cause we don't get together too often and it was nice to hear what everyone is up too. Of course everyone knew my updates!!!! Oh well I guess I get the most drama award for last year. Even though the Crockers don't get together too often everyone is super supportive of each other. I really appreciated it while I was going through the divorce. I love you guys!!

Ashton and Lyndsay are finally here!! I'm going to refer you over to Truly and Shane's blog for all the details. No one can express themselves better than my sister. We drove up to Utah to spend Christmas and we were able to visit them in the hospital and help them take those precious angels home! click on their link for 'the rest of the story' :)


Nat Lud said...

Yay! New posts! Fun fun. Can't wait to read more. You look great and your kids are as cute as ever!

PetersonFam4 said...

You are so awesome Rach! I love you!

Amber and Co. said...

You have such a fun family! It was so cool to see on Saturday how much your parents, brother and sis-in-law love your kids. They really take an active role with them and it's great!

Nuestra Familia said...

Your nieces are so beautiful. I love all your pictures, your family is so fun. Your funny faces are the best! Your update is great and you are a super girl! Your kids look so happy and I love your girls' long and pretty hair.