Monday, April 27, 2009

We stayed at my sister's husbands parents house for the week cause they just had the twins. Which was wonderful cause if my entire family came to stay with me after I just had a baby I would shoot someone! lol Thank you Bradys!!!!! While there it snowed and so of course we just had to make a snowman. The kids and I also shoveled the snow off Shanes driveway for service. The kids loved it!! They were using everything they could find to help including a broom, dust pan, bowls and their feet.

I just had to post this pic cause it means so much to me. I cross stitched this piece about 11 years ago and miss placed it. I was devistated. My mom found it in her closet and framed it for me. What a surprise!!!!!!!! I cried.

These pictures were taken at the Goff family Christmas party up in Ogden, Ut. We had a good time-can you tell? :) We all had a yummy dinner then headed downstairs for games and a talent show. Our family sang some christmas songs with a desert spin on them..."Palm trees sway, are you listening"...Good times


BrImHaLl FaMiLy said...

Cute pictures! Brinley is getting so big! My fav. is the one of all of you together! So cute!


That is such a good pic of you all! It was great to hang out with you the last two days, you are awesome and look amazing.